Now that it’s 2022, we should discuss news related to the dark web. The legality of using the dark web still varies by country, and some totalitarian regimes might crack down on internet privacy if history is any indicator. While visiting the dark web is legal in the United States, utilizing Tor without a VPN may result in your ISP and government scrutiny. While visiting the dark web may be Ok, engaging in criminal behavior there is not.

Most dark web commerce sites handle transactions in crypto like Monero and Bitcoin, but that does not imply they are secure to do business on. The site’s underlying anonymity attracts fraudsters and thieves, along with decent people, but what do you expect when purchasing goods and services that may not be entirely legal?

However, the Dark Web isn’t entirely dark and full of illegal things. It is also utilized by political whistle-blowers, activists, and journalists who may be persecuted or face persecution if their government finds out about them. The website WikiLeaks is most notable for having a presence on the Dark Net, as is Facebook, the BBC, and even the CIA.

The Tor Browser protects you from third-party trackers and ads by isolating each website you visit. Cookies are automatically deleted after you’ve finished browsing. Your surfing history will be erased as well. Generally, this means there is nothing to worry about when it comes to browsing dark web links in 2022, like these.

When we do online banking, use a private social media account, access our corporate network or look at our medical records – that is, the deep web is all websites requiring separate access via a specific channel. However, when you use the dark web, you are stepping outside this arena and into a completely different realm where things are not transparent. So considering this in 2022, make sure to evaluate your OPSEC before buying from dark web links.