Why do people use the dark web?

First of all, what is the dark web?
The dark web is actually just a section of the World Wide Web. The dark web is actually mostly accessible and is made up of two parts, the clear web and the Tor network. The clear web is all the sites that you could visit without a proxy or VPN. The Tor network is a network which helps hide your geographical location, much like the dark web suggests.

The dark web is growing rapidly, one expert suggested that there are over 2.2 million websites online that are on the dark web.

There are a number of reasons why people chose to use dark web sites. Some common reasons are:

• Privacy

• To hide from law, law enforcers, hackers, etc.

• To create false identities

• To exchange drugs or conduct illegal activities

• To secure anonymity

• Get access to restricted material

• Use as an online bank

• Perform hack back actions

Is the dark web illegal?
Yes and no. The dark web is not illegal but it is heavily restricted. People who choose to access the dark web will obviously be breaking a law. However, you would not need to go to the dark web if you wanted to access restricted material. You could for example access restricted government material by using their search engine.

The web is vast and dark and intimidating, there are literally thousands of websites out there. A good web designer will know and realize that creating a website on the dark web, with restricted access and without a strict SEO strategy, would not really work.

However, there are some people out there doing illegal things in the dark web and they too need to have access. The primary means of accessing the dark web is by using Tor software, which routes your traffic through a number of servers. Any attempt to access a site which you are not familiar with is a risk, so you should tread with caution if you’re new to deep web links like those on our homepage.

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Popular Questions About the Dark Web

1. What is the Dark Web and how is it different from the regular web that we use every day?

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that can only be accessed using special software, such as the Tor browser. It is different from the regular web because it is not indexed by search engines and is therefore much more anonymous.

2. How do you access the Dark Web and what kind of browsers can be used?

To access the Dark Web, you need to download and install the Tor browser. Once you have done that, you can browse any website that has a “.onion” address.

The Tor Browser is a special type of web browser that helps you protect your online privacy. When you use the Tor Browser, your internet traffic is sent through a network of computers around the world, making it harder for anyone to track you.

3. What kind of content can be found on the Dark Web and why is it so dangerous to browse there?

Once you have downloaded and installed Tor, you can access the dark web by entering specific URLs into your browser. These URLs are known as “onion addresses” and they are only accessible through the Tor network.

The Dark Web is full of illegal and dangerous content, such as drugs, weapons, and pornography. It is also used by criminals for money laundering and other illegal activities.

4. How do people use the Dark Web for criminal activities and what are some of the most common scams that take place there?

There are also a number of scams that take place on the dark web. These scams can be difficult to spot, as they are often designed to look like legitimate businesses.

The most common scams on the Dark Web are fake online stores that sell stolen credit card numbers, fake IDs, and other personal information. See if the website has a contact email address. If they do, try sending them an email to see if you get a response.

5. Is it possible to stay safe while browsing the Dark Web and if so, how can you do that?

It is possible to stay safe while browsing the Dark Web by using a VPN and being careful about what websites you visit.

6. Are there any benefits to using the Dark Web?

There are some benefits to using the Dark Web, such as being able to access censored information and communicating anonymously. However, these benefits are outweighed by the risks of becoming a victim of crime or accidentally accessing illegal content.… Read the rest

Should You Access the Dark Web Using a VPN?

Assuming you’re already familiar with the basics of the internet, let’s move on to how to access the dark web.

The dark web is a part of the internet that isn’t indexed by traditional search engines. It’s sometimes referred to as the deep web, but that term is actually inaccurate. The dark web is a small part of the deep web.

To access the dark web, you need to use a special browser called Tor.Tor was originally developed by the U.S. Navy to allow intelligence officers to browse the internet anonymously. However, it’s now available to anyone who wants to download it.

You can get it for free at https://www.torproject.org/. Once you have it installed, open it up and browse to your favorite search engine. From there, you can start searching for websites that interest you.

Once you have Tor installed, you can browse any website that ends in “.onion”. These are known as “hidden services”, and they’re only accessible through Tor. You can’t browse the darknet via Google or Bing.

You may want to use a VPN on top of TOR if you’re concerned about privacy, though.

A VPN will encrypt your traffic and make it even more difficult to trace back to you. This said, there are a lot of good sites on the darknet, like these.

There are a few things to keep in mind when browsing the dark web. First, there’s a lot of illegal activity taking place on there, so be careful what you click on. Second, because it’s not indexed by traditional search engines, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Finally, many of the websites on the dark web are set up by scammers, so be sure to do your research before giving out any personal information.

There are a few things to keep in mind when browsing the dark web. First of all, many sites are hosted anonymously, so there’s no way to know who is behind them. Secondly, because of the anonymous nature of the dark web, it’s often used for questionable activity. So be careful to browse carefully and only visit sites that you trust.

Finally, remember that your internet activity is still being monitored by your ISP and potentially other third parties, even when using Tor. So if you’re looking to browse the web completely anonymously, you’ll need to take additional steps to protect your privacy. But for most people, Tor is a good way to get started with exploring the dark web.… Read the rest

More Dark Web Links May 2022

2022 Dark web search engines


Torch is an online dark web search engine that says it indexes about 1.1 million pages. If you’re looking for something specific on the dark web, Torch is the most likely option.


DuckDuckGo is a hidden service on the dark web that searches the clear net with no records.

Dark web markets


On this dark web marketplace, you can get a false identification, a social security number, and even start from scratch with your new name. You may also set up your firm for free on this market.


The most famous and popular dark web market is the Empire Market. Everything you could want. You may rest assured that your order will be sent in secrecy with worldwide shipping.


The go-to for Bank & Credit Card Services, CashApp, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal and more


The largest marketplace for hiring a genuine dark web hacker, as well as other services.

Dark Net drug tradeplaces


On the dark web, Venus is an anonymously run marketplace for purchasing illicit substances. They have everything a person could possible need.


With Rxwholesale Drug Store, purchasing medications via the dark web in the United Kingdom and EU has never been easier.


The Pot Shop has a new website and the best dark web marijuana prices. It has been in business for more than three years.


The highest quality black market marijuana with the most diverse product line.


These guys offer the most complete selection of dark web steroids. For the past 5 years, Steroid King has been operating on the deep web.

Dark web email


For individuals and organizations working toward liberatory social change, Riseup provides internet communication tools.


The first-ever high-end fully encrypted email service in Europe.


A cock.li web mail onion mirror. Despite its name, this email service provider is genuinely concerned about maintaining your privacy.


Swiss-based e-mail service Encrypts your browser-encrypted emails locally. There are free and paid versions of the system.

Dark web social media sites


The actual Facebook onion domain. They state that they do not keep records. You may trust them at your own risk, but we’re not entirely convinced.

Anonymity, Privacy & Security


One-Stop Shop for Creating a Fake Identity Name, SSN, Driver’s License, and Credit Card Numbers Generator. Get a fresh new identity on the dark web.

Best dark web sites for books


This is one of the greatest dark web book links. A library with over 600,000 free e-books accessible.


An independent comic book collection.


Z-Library is a component of the overall Z-Library project. The world’s most extensive hidden e-book collection.


This is a list of fantastic books, including How to Become Invisible and The Anarchist Cookbook. Other notable titles include Recipe for Survival, Dark Web Bible, How to be Invisible, The Anarchist Cookbook, and many more.

Legit dark web financial services


The most popular use of PayCash is its … Read the rest

Should You Use a VPN When Visiting the Dark Web?

If you’re planning on accessing dark web markets, it’s probably occurred to you that you may want to use a VPN. Some swear by this method. They argue that this will help keep your identity and data safe and secure. If you don’t use a VPN to mask your IP address on the dark web, you may be identified. Normally, the Tor browser masks your IP address, but it is always good to have an additional safeguard.

There are a lot of risks associated with the dark web, so it’s important to take all the necessary precautions. A VPN will mask your location and help protect you from potential threats.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a VPN for the dark web. Make sure to choose a reputable and trusted VPN provider. Also, make sure the VPN has strong encryption and security features. Choose a VPN that offers a free trial or money-back guarantee so you can try it out before committing to it.

Make certain that the VPN you’re using has a no-logs policy to safeguard your personal information.

No, it is not against the law to use a VPN on the dark web. All you’re doing is safeguarding yourself and your identifying elements while browsing a part of the internet that is notorious for being untrustworthy.

Staying Anonymous Online

There are a number of ways to stay anonymous online, and the best method for you will depend on your specific needs. If you’re simply looking to keep your identity hidden from others, using a pseudonym or alias can be a good option. As we’ve said, you can also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt your traffic and stay anonymous. For more serious cases, such as when you’re concerned about government surveillance, you will want to use the Tor network. Whatever method you choose, staying anonymous online is possible if you’re willing to put in the effort.… Read the rest

Dark Web Links for Android

If you’re looking for dark web links for Android, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to find and use dark web links safely and effectively.

The dark web is a part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines like Google. It’s a place where people can buy and sell illegal goods, and it’s also home to a lot of scammers and criminals.

So, how do you access the dark web? And once you’re there, how do you know which sites are safe to visit?

First, let’s talk about how to access the dark web. You’ll need a special browser called Tor to access most dark web sites. Tor is free to download, and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can download it on the Google Play site for your Android phone.

Once you have Tor installed, you can start browsing the dark web. But be warned: it’s a dangerous place to expose too much of your personal info, so you should take care to remain as anonymous as possible and only buy from sellers with good reputations and reviews.

One of the best ways to find dark web links for Android phones is to use a search engine like DuckDuckGo after you’ve downloaded the Tor browser. This search engine doesn’t track your searches, and it has a special section for dark web sites.

To use DuckDuckGo on Android, just enter your search term into the box at the top of the page and click “Search.” Then, you will see options with onion link urls in the search results.

This will show you a list of dark web links that match your search term. Keep in mind that not all of these links will be safe, so it’s important to only click on ones that you trust.

Once you find a dark web site that you want to visit, just click on the link and you’ll be taken to that site. Remember, always exercise caution when browsing the dark web, and never enter your personal information or financial information on any site.

Dark web links for Android are a good way to visit the dark web on your phone, but remember you need Tor and DuckDuckGo, then you can see dark web sites.… Read the rest

How to Find Dark Web Links

The dark web, also known as darknet or dark web, is a part of the internet but not like the other normal part of the internet. It’s more like a place where you need to visit the internet but you wouldn’t be able to get there without knowing about this. The dark web is dark and it can’t be seen through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. It’s not that easy to find anything on dark web because we need some special kinds of software to go there and we need specific knowledge before going into dark net.

To use the dark web in 2022 people should know some stuff:

– Firstly they need to know that dark net exists and what exactly it is. They would need to know the dark net is a part of the internet but it can’t be seen through search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.

– They would need to learn dark web browsers such as TOR and anonymous browser.

– They would also need to learn about dark web markets or darknet markets where they might find drugs and guns which you won’t find anywhere else on dark web.

The dark net can’t be accessed by any kind of normal browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. We can use dark nets only after downloading some special kinds of software called dark web browsers . To access dark nets people should follow these steps:

1- Firstly we have to download Tor from torproject.org

2- Install it to your pc or laptop.

3- After installation dark net could be accessed by clicking on Tor browser icon which is usually in the taskbar at the bottom part of your screen . If you want to browse dark web you would need to open up darknet using darknet browsers because dark nets are not accessible through normal ones like Chrome, Firefox etc.

One of the most popular dark nets markets were Agora Market which shut down in 2015, but are basically online black markets meaning they sell stuff online just like eBay but what’s different is that you’re buying drugs and guns while eBay only sells clothes & accessories etc. These darknet market places will require accounts to log in before buying anything so people should an account before visiting them.… Read the rest

2022 Dark Web News

Now that it’s 2022, we should discuss news related to the dark web. The legality of using the dark web still varies by country, and some totalitarian regimes might crack down on internet privacy if history is any indicator. While visiting the dark web is legal in the United States, utilizing Tor without a VPN may result in your ISP and government scrutiny. While visiting the dark web may be Ok, engaging in criminal behavior there is not.

Most dark web commerce sites handle transactions in crypto like Monero and Bitcoin, but that does not imply they are secure to do business on. The site’s underlying anonymity attracts fraudsters and thieves, along with decent people, but what do you expect when purchasing goods and services that may not be entirely legal?

However, the Dark Web isn’t entirely dark and full of illegal things. It is also utilized by political whistle-blowers, activists, and journalists who may be persecuted or face persecution if their government finds out about them. The website WikiLeaks is most notable for having a presence on the Dark Net, as is Facebook, the BBC, and even the CIA.

The Tor Browser protects you from third-party trackers and ads by isolating each website you visit. Cookies are automatically deleted after you’ve finished browsing. Your surfing history will be erased as well. Generally, this means there is nothing to worry about when it comes to browsing dark web links in 2022, like these.

When we do online banking, use a private social media account, access our corporate network or look at our medical records – that is, the deep web is all websites requiring separate access via a specific channel. However, when you use the dark web, you are stepping outside this arena and into a completely different realm where things are not transparent. So considering this in 2022, make sure to evaluate your OPSEC before buying from dark web links.… Read the rest

Tips when using dark web links

It’s simple to find dark websites and secret wikis, but keep in mind that if you intend to do more than this, you’ll need to think about a few things. If your grandmother requires medicine that is not available in your country because she has an illness – for example – you’ll have to figure out how to obtain it.

Setting up a new email address, encrypting communications with PGP, utilizing a pseudonym (so no one knows who you are), creating an anonymous bitcoin wallet (you can’t use the same one as your regular bank account otherwise it would leave traces on banks’ servers), and other security measures such as removing JavaScript in Tor Browser are all required.

The limitations of using Tor Browser should be taken into account. Because you are surfing anonymously on Tor, your ISP and government are aware of it; this may be enough for them to take notice by itself. A court decision in the United States has recently declared that simply logging on through Tor Browser is sufficient probable cause for police officers to search any computer anywhere in the world.

It’s critical to recognize that the Dark Web contains a lot of hazardous and unethical products. Being able to maintain genuine anonymity is largely improbable, regardless of how many safeguards you take.

A specialized search engine is required to look on the Dark Web. The following are some of the well-known Dark Web Search Engines:



Deep Search

Dark Search


There are several significant differences between the Dark Web and the surface web. The search results from these engines frequently differ significantly, owing to their varying crawling strategies and filtering procedures. For example, Ahmia removes child abuse material and other blacklisted services from its search results. Some Dark Web Search Engines also provide more sophisticated features such as Boolean or multilingual searching.… Read the rest