First of all, what is the dark web? The dark web is actually just a section of the World Wide Web. The dark web is actually mostly accessible and is made up of two parts, the clear web and the Tor network. The clear web is all the sites that you could visit without a proxy or VPN. The Tor network is a network which helps hide your geographical location, much like the dark web suggests.

Why people use the dark web

Some users utilize the darknet to access websites that their government or internet service provider has blacklisted.

Others use it for anonymous communication or to buy and trade prohibited items or services.

Someone may choose to converse anonymously for a variety of reasons. Some people cherish their privacy and wish to prevent others from tracking or collecting their personal information. Others may utilize anonymous communication to exercise their right to free expression, particularly in nations where some types of speech are restricted or penalized. Whistleblowers and other persons who need to report sensitive information without fear of retaliation may also benefit from anonymous communication.

Regardless of the reason why people use it, the dark web is growing rapidly. One expert suggested that there are over 2.2 million websites online that are on the dark web.

There are several additional reasons why people chose to use dark web sites.

• Privacy

• To hide from law, law enforcers, hackers, etc.

• To create false identities

• To exchange drugs or conduct illegal activities

• To secure anonymity

• Get access to restricted material

• Use as an online bank

• Perform hack back actions

Is the dark web illegal?

The dark web is a difficult and contentious issue, with strong arguments on both sides of the debate over whether it should be permitted. On the one hand, the dark web may be used for illicit activities such as the selling of narcotics, firearms, and stolen personal information, and making it illegal may assist to discourage such activity.

The dark web, on the other hand, may be used for lawful objectives such as anonymous communication, free expression, and privacy protection, and making it illegal could have a detrimental influence on these activities. Finally, the legality of the dark web will most likely be decided by governments and politicians based on a weighing of these and other factors.

The dark web is not illegal but it is heavily restricted. People who choose to access the dark web will obviously be breaking a law. However, you would not need to go to the dark web if you wanted to access restricted material. You could for example access restricted government material by using their search engine.

The web is vast and dark and intimidating, there are literally thousands of websites out there. A good web designer will know and realize that creating a website on the dark web, with restricted access and without a strict SEO strategy, would not really work.

However, there are some people out there doing illegal things in the dark web and they too need to have access. The primary means of accessing the dark web is by using Tor software, which routes your traffic through a number of servers. Any attempt to access a site which you are not familiar with is a risk, so you should tread with caution if you’re new to deep web links like those on our homepage.